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At times I feel as if I am spread out over the landscape and inside things, and am myself living in every tree, in the splashing of the waves, in the clouds and the animals that come and go, in the procession of the seasons. There is nothing...with which I am not linked.

Carl Jung
Memories, Dreams, Reflections

About Me


The older I become the more I realize that maintaining some sense of place, or some connection to the earth I live on, seems increasingly important. As a psychotherapist I believe that often the symptoms that manifest in our lives often stem from such a lack of connection. This encompasses not only one’s distant relationship to the earth but also one’s lack of connection to or understanding of one’s inner life. Human beings do possess an inner life and an outer life and I believe it is key to consider each person within the context of where they live and how they view their role in the world. Psychotherapy can be a bridge to a deeper understanding of both - a meaning making bridge - if you will.

While I have been trained clinically and can offer a solid foundation of all the traditional therapeutic aspects one would expect from a psychotherapist such as empathy, positive regard, and a safe space to speak of what ails you, I also bring the added component of creativity. Put another way, if traditional talk therapy is not what you are seeking then you might find the way I work engaging and new. I am open to exploring different avenues to reach your goals.

My approach is largely influenced by the analytical work of Carl Jung, as well as the person-centered expressive artist Natalie Rogers. Both philosophies value the creative process as a means of exploration and an entry into your imaginal world. I invite the use of sand tray, journaling, and dream work. 

Also, while becoming a therapist has been the realization of a dream for me, I am also an artist and photographer. I am drawn to anything done by hand.  My artwork continues to inspire my work as a psychotherapist. Because of my background and experience, it seems my clients are typically artists, musicians, dancers, entrepreneurs, and the like, who may be facing creative blocks, behaviors or beliefs that no longer serve them well, or addictions of various kinds.

Lastly, I always tell people that I believe in therapy because my own therapeutic process has greatly helped me to understand myself.
I genuinely love what I do and consider being a psychotherapist a calling and a pleasure.

I would ask you….

What is missing in your life?

What brought you meaning as a child?

What were your deepest woundings?

Member of CAMFT California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists
IEATA International Expressive Arts Therapy Association: Member
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