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If you hold a photograph in your hands, it carries the potential to bridge communication and trigger deeply personal memories. As therapeutic tools, photographs are particularly useful when words don’t come easy.


Life's journey is scattered with images.

If you handle your images in new ways,

you can:

    Create Meaning

    Make Connections

Foster Growth


Photographs as Transformational Tools in Psychotherapy

Photographs have graced the planet since about 1839. Frequently taken for granted in the hustle and bustle of the modern technological world, photographs have the ability to tap into our souls, to touch us deeply by evoking memories and feelings, and even to call us to action. Treasured images are carried in lockets close to the heart and in the pockets of loved ones. They reside in frames on desks and bureaus to remain within view. Nestled in pages of albums, photographs chronicle generations and reveal the nuances of family systems. Some may even argue that photographs contain the spirits of, and serve as connections to, other human beings, animals, places, and times. Photographs tell the stories of our lives, and exist as powerful visual and narrative remembrances.

I believe that images, and photographs in particular, can cut through defenses and get to the heart of the matter – sometimes quicker than any other means. My work, informed and inspired by the training and principles of Judy Weiser, author of PhotoTherapy Techniques: Exploring the Secrets of Personal Snapshots and Family Albums, utilizes photographs in the therapeutic process.

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