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Imagine your life illuminated from the inside out. Therapy is an opportunity to turn the searchlight on deep inside of you, bringing to light emotions and feelings that may have been long-buried or previously unknown. The process of therapy can help you understand more about yourself and realize that you have choices and untapped resources within you.  Understanding that reaching out to a therapist can be difficult, I encourage you to take the first step to cross over that bridge. What waits on the other side may be enhanced awareness of your relationships, greater insight into the roots of your problems, and ultimately perhaps a feeling of inner peace and harmony. 

My Practice

Jungian Psychotherapy



My specialty is working with individuals in depth, unearthing the root causes of your suffering, which allows change and personal growth to gently unfold at your own pace, not mine. Together we will look at your symptoms as well as your strengths.

Jungian, or depth psychotherapy, fosters connections between your past and present, integrating your unconscious and conscious, so that you can walk with more ease, confidence, and clarity along your path of individuation. 

Aging & Caregiving



 I have over 20 years experience working with aging and caregiving issues, cancer patients, chronic pain, and individuals and families facing difficult transitional issues. I have particular expertise in and heartfelt passion for Alzheimer's and dementia care. 

Whether you are the adult child in a caregiving situation or the person with Early Onset Alzheimer's disease, I can help you by finding the resources you need to support your journey. 

Expressive Arts


Art making is a way to make meaning of your world and connect to soul. As a unique language and a felt sense, the creative process can enhance and even accelerate the therapeutic process. In my office, I maintain a collection of art materials to play with: oil pastels, clay, and paint, etc. 

Sand tray is another form of imaginative expression. A quiet and nonverbal experience, creating stories with miniatures in the sand is a gentle way to illustrate your inner world.    

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