What is calling you to therapy at this time in your life?


In my experience, what typically brings a person into therapy is some unfulfilled longing or fading desire, profound loss, or a breakdown in relationships, along with the quest for a more meaningful life. Most often it is during life transitions. At some point in your life depression or anxiety can settle in for a visit, and if it stays too long you can start feeling at a loss as to how to deal with it on your own. I enjoy working with people of all ages (teens to adults) who find themselves at such crossroads. 

Therapy can be brief or long term, depending on the nature of your particular challenge. I always look to bolster your strengths which can be shadowed by poor self-esteem or lack of self-awareness. While I specialize in longer term, or depth, psychotherapy, I also welcome and understand the need for short term therapy. For Jungian psychotherapy, we meet once or twice a week. How often we meet depends on your needs, so I have an extremely individualized, client-centered approach to my work. Bottom-line, therapy is a very collaborative process built on trust. 



Life Transitions

Alzheimer's and Dementia

Silicon Valley Engineers




Mood Disorders

Highly Sensitive Persons

Chronic Illness / End of Life

Grief & Loss



Attachment & Trauma


Support for High-Tech


More and more, I see people working in the technology field who are finding the stressful pace of life here increasingly crushing to the soul and spirit. Writing code for a machine is simply not the same as communicating and getting along with your peers and in personal relationships. I have sat and listened to countless engineers and CEO's as they have shared how lonely they are internally, even though on the outside they appear to be extremely successful. If you are feeling like your life is out of balance, or you have lost sight of the meaning of life, you are not alone in this valley. I've noticed that many people do not  have a good system in place for self-care and internal processing. Exploring how to create work-life balance can expand your capacity to appreciate life again and hopefully thrive rather than simply survive. 

Support for Therapists


Are you a fellow therapist or healing professional in need of support? The calling to care for others presents very particular challenges and can lead to compassion fatigue if you're not mindful. Whether you are a student, intern, nurse, doctor, psychologist, or other healing professional, more than half my practice consists of other professionals seeking deeper self-understanding and/or consultation. Put another way, I am a therapist's therapist.