A Letter for You


Because therapy is fundamentally based upon the relationship between therapist and client, I feel it is important to share some personal and professional information, so that you can determine if you'd like to contact me. 

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice. My preference is working with individuals and small groups. Clinically trained, I also enjoy bringing the creative process into play if that interests you. So, if you are seeking something different in addition to traditional talk therapy then you may find the way I work engaging and new. I am open to exploring different avenues to discover what speaks to you. 


My approach is largely influenced by the analytical work of Carl Jung, and I am a candidate in training at the C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco. This is extensive, post-graduate training .


At the very core of my soul I am an artist. As a painter and photographer, I had my own art business for many years before becoming a therapist, so I am an entrepreneur at heart. This independent streak and experiential knowledge informs my practice as a therapist, bringing a certain sensitivity and appreciation for the intuitive and ineffable aspects of life that can show up at the edges of consciousness. I enjoy teaching and offer creative workshops for students, therapists and the general public from time to time. 

My artwork continues to inspire my practice as a psychotherapist. My patients are from all walks of life, and often highly sensitive creative types, writers, artists, musicians, dancers, and the like, who may be facing creative blocks, behaviors or beliefs that no longer serve them well.

Finally, I gain my inspiration and energy from being in nature and feel most at home in the quiet serenity of the redwoods. I am deeply rooted in Santa Clara Valley and have lived here my entire life. One of my fondest memories was riding my bicycle as a child through the blossoming orchards with the blossoms washing over me and floating through the air like snowflakes. All of the orchards are long gone now, but I can still spin nostalgic about the Valley of Heart's Delight, this splendid and fertile place we call home.  


Education, Training & Experience

C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco

Preliminary Candidate in Analytical Training Program (Currently)

Masters of Arts Counseling Psychology

     Expressive Arts Specialization

Bachelor of Arts Psychology

John F. Kennedy University

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Facilitator 

Certificate Mental Health for Aging Adults (JFKU)

Adjunct Faculty, John F Kennedy University: Masters of Art in Counseling Psychology Program

   Classes Taught:

   Jungian Psychology

   Jung and Aging

   PhotoTherapy: Photographs in Therapy

   Group Process: Expressive Arts

   Foundations of Expressive Arts

   Final Integrated Project

   Counseling Case Seminar